Eeeeek GADS! the things one will endure once the decision to “do something” is planted in the mushy noodle. The following rant is about my latest self focused decision to begin training to do something that I have always wanted to do, but knew my lazy butt would most certainly never make room for it in the crazy life schedule that I am following.

What form of torture (rewarding torture) have I decided to self inflict? I have begun training to run a marathon. A birthday is approaching and every year at about this time I review the accomplishments of the previous months to gauge my life’s progress. Am I continuing to move positively forward? Have I regressed or stagnated? What do I need to change? Kick it up a notch.

Marathon runners are individuals I have found extremely interesting. The endurance and drive it takes to complete over 26 miles is almost beyond comprehension. The commitment to training is a challenge in of itself.

I am in week 5 of this new adventure. It is the end of August and the marathon I have set my site on is not until March, allowing 7 months to get stronger, faster and here’s the best part; healthy and toned.

There are tracks locally that , if I am inclined to want to be bored out of my mind by running in an oval, I could use for a couple of hours. There are tree lined streets, just outside my front door. But I have been using a trail/park built locally that offers a wooded setting, paved trails and a 3.5 mile loop. There are shorter “loops” within the larger, to shorten the trek.

On today’s walk/run I had an encounter with a very large Cotton Mouth. He was resting in the middle of the trail. I came up on him running and nearly went over the top of him. It wasn’t until I was only a foot or so away he moved, raised up and showed his impressive fangs that I realized the “stick” was not going to have me or anyone else go over the top of him without a fight.

I stopped and backed away and then proceeded to toss sticks at him to get him to scurry on across the trail, He was not impressed and bit at everything close to him. From the opposite direction a couple of bicyclist came up and I warned them of the snake. One of the riders, gentleman that he was got a longer stick and convinced the snake to be on its way.

With all that being said, here’s the lesson learned, NO RUNNING IN THE EVENING WHEN THE TRAIL IS NOT EASY TO SEE.

I will post my progress as I go along. My running sucks, frankly. I am faster and I can go further than I was able to 5 weeks ago, but nowhere near where I want to be. My endurance is great. I went over the ‘8 miles in one run’ mark today. I have logged in 62.80 miles.

Thanks to Nike and Pandora I am thoroughly enjoying this new chapter

***My original post stated that I crossed paths with a Copper Head. At the time of the encounter when it was just myself and the snake determining our next move, I thought I was dealing with a Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin, but then the gentleman came by and saved the day, and he was the one that said it was a Copper Head. I have since done my research, and my instincts were correct. Explaining the critters attitude.

Every time I am in the area for a run I still expect to “run” into this critter. Eeks!