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March 7, 2015

It’s been over a week now that I have been making the effort to stop being old and fat. Old is just a number and state of being and I have always tried to combat that. Being fat has less to do with the passage of sun rises and sun sets, but more a matter of not doing what I needed to do to reign myself in, physically.

This less than attractive bracelet I now wear on my left wrist is helping me stay accountable to myself. Who knew investing a bit over a $100 would be such an invaluable aid? One would think paying for a gym membership would be enough stimuli, but I don’t carry the gym with me at the end of my left arm.

I have shed a few pounds, but the main change has been visiting the gym every day. Briskly walking on the tread mill for three miles is all I have done this first week, and I have to confess to missing one morning, but I think it’s forgivable. It’s a matter of setting a new routine to build on at this point and I am pleased with my effort.

I did take the “before” picture I mentioned in an earlier post. Eek gads, it will be an embarrassment to post it at some future point, but only when a less than embarrassing photo sets beside it, motivation to be sure.

Spring is only weeks away and I look forward to enjoying some hikes in the Ozarks. I purchased a camera for myself at Christmas and will bring it along. So although there won’t be photo’s of myself to elicit envy, the beautiful state in which I call home surely will.


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