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Yes, I am a terrible blogger! What can I say? Life has been such that I have been living it instead of reporting it on my blog.

I have been cooking. I have been selfish. I have cooked and I have not taken pictures and posted to prove it. I had good intentions to post a White Chili recipe that seems to be the bomb with everyone that has the good fortune to experience it… but I didn’t get around to taking a pic of it “plated” before it was all gone. I tell you, it is that good LOL! I am simply a tease. But it is that good. It involves dry beans and chicken, so be prepared. Simple recipe with fantastic results.

So why have I been so absent from the Blogosphere? I work for a living. I manage a business that completely sucks my brain cells but has it’s rewards beyond monetary. There was a meeting of the “Big Cheeses” this month at Seaside, Florida. I suppose in the scheme of things, I am slightly a cheeser, so I got to attend. I also got to bring one of my most favorite people. My daughter Belle.

The meeting was awesome and the time at this beautiful beach community was perfection. There was a tropical storm off the coast which afforded some amazing photo opportunities. There were filters used in the shots, but hey, makeup is makeup. I have attached photos of one of my favorite meals, courtesy of Pickles, and a few fun shots of my beautiful daughter, and myself.

Did I mention I went skydiving for the first time? Yeppers, it happened.

Please forgive me for being a horrible blogger. I won’t promise to be better, but if you hang in there, I promise to entertain you with at least a story or recipe to make the wait worthwhile.


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